Creative Communities

A community is something that is very popular within the UK and many countries across the world also like having communities. Essentially a community is a group of people that has a shared understanding or a common bond. For example people who live in one area are often regarded as living within a community. A small village will often be described as a community. There are many different descriptions of communities and these go way beyond the housing community description. When a community is formed by people living within a local area this will usually be described as a local community.

As well as communities being formed by people who live within a certain area, a community is also formed by people that have shared interests or careers. For example people who play within a football team will often be described as being part of a community. In the majority of cases people that are part of a community will often have shared values and the people will get along well. Communities will be more important to some people than others; some people will take an active part within a community and some people will not have any involvement at all.

In order for a community to be present it often requires many people to be involved. For example people will have to play some kind of role in order to allow a community to function. Certain individuals will have some kind of input and some individuals will not have any kind of input. It is often those people that do have input that hold communities together. Whilst some people do not have a major input within a community they will often appreciate the community that they are in. In some cases communities make up a major part of people’s lives.

What it means to have an active part within a community varies across the kind of community it is. For example in local communities people will often socialise together and create gatherings for all of the community. People within local communities often look out for each other and protect each community members property. Communities that are based on social activities or sports will often revolve around social gatherings that are created. People are often very proud to be part of communities and it is a sense of pride for many people.